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Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
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Monday, March 14, 2011

"It's easy to be independent when you've got money. But to be independent when you haven't got a thing--that's the Lord's test." ~ Mahalia Jackson, American singer (1911-1972)


The American Historical Christian Fiction blog hi-lights books by Christian authors who are led by the Lord to write about characters and stories set in America's past. They are exciting stories of romance, adventure and suspense, written to inspire and encourage.

If you're looking for a book for yourself, a loved one, or those who may need an uplifting message woven through an entertaining story, please consider new monthly releases in inspirational historical fiction found here--the kind that take you on a journey into our country's past (from early colonial times to WWII) and illuminates the trials, beauty and blessings of our great nation.

This week it's my pleasure to hi-light Author of the Week: Laurie Alice Eakes and her latest release: "Jersey Brides"

Following is an excerpt from my interview with Laurie Alice:

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was a little girl, maybe five or six(?) I was already making up stories.

How did you prepare: Workshops, college courses, books on craft?

All of the above. I attended a couple of writers conferences and read several books, but when I went to graduate school for a master’s degree in writing fiction was when everything clicked into place for me.

Were you writing fiction before you got published?

Yes. I started writing fiction when I was a mere child, had some short stories published in school literary mags, etc. Later, when I knew what I was doing, I moved to novels.

How many years/stories did you write before the first one was accepted?

I don’t know. Honestly. I had a lot of fits and starts where school and work interfered, and I got addicted to research for a long time. Maybe four for each.

Why do you enjoy writing historicals? (and anything more you want to add to this--anything special about time/settings etc.)

I like history and enjoyed reading historicals, so it’s a natural progression to writing them. Somehow, the fantasy world of story, getting oneself lost in that world is much more effective when writing an historical. And sometimes I’m so out of the mainstream culture, I can’t figure out how I’d be cool enough to write contemporary, though I’d like to one day. I really don’t know what designers are in or what shoes are the hippest this year, and it’ll change before the book is out anyway. For me, I buy what I like and what suits me and don’t pay attention to labels, so would have really dowdy heroines trying to survive in the modern world. Of course, in full disclosure, I do have a Brahmin handbag.

Jersey Brides is a repack of all 3 New Jersey historical books from Heartsong Presents (The Glassblower, The Heiress, The Newcomer).

Thanks Laurie Alice, for letting us get to know you, and something about your latest release. Laurie Alice has graciously offered "Jersey Brides" as a giveaway this week. Please leave a comment and your e-mail address if you'd like to be entered in the drawing for this charming collection of stories. If you'd like to know more about Laurie Alice and her books, go to her website at:

Title: Jersey Brides
Author: Laurie Alice Eakes
Publisher: Barbour

Travel back to the glory days of New Jersey where three women are having conflicts with wealth and status when attractive men enter their lives. Meg is being forced into marriage for riches when her heart longs for a simple artisan. Susan is powerless to use her fortune on the poor or to protect it from her future husband. Marigold is forced to work as a lowly nursemaid for orphans awaiting their uncle before receiving her birthright. Will God lead these women to loves that are even greater in value than money?

Historic Flash Facts

Curious about what happened on your birth date one hundred years ago....(wouldn't it make a great theme for your birthday party?) Or searching for an historical event to include in a story you're writing? Check out Historic Flash Facts; new entries will be added weekly to keep you "up-to-date".

March 13, 1925
The Tennessee General Assembly approved a bill prohibiting the teaching of the theory of evolution.

Hundreds of people died when the San Francisquito Valley in California was inundated with water after the St. Francis Dam burst just before midnight the evening of March 12th.

Banks began to reopen after the "holiday" declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

March 14, 1794
Eli Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin, an invention that revolutionized America's cotton industry.

March 15, 1913
President Woodrow Wilson met with reporters for what's been described as the first presidential press conference.

March 16, 1802
President Thomas Jefferson signed a measure authorizing the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlett Letter was first published.

Rocket Science pioneer Robert H. Goddard successfully tested the first liquid-fueled rocket, in Auburn, Mass.

March 17, 1762
New York's first St. Patrick's Day parade took place.

British forces evacuated Boston during the Revolutionary War.

President Theodore Roosevelt first likened crusading journalists to a man with "a muckrake in his hand" in a speech to the Gridiron Club.

The National Gallery of Art opened in Washington, D.C.

March 18, 1861
Sam Houston stepped down as governor of Texas after refusing to accept the state's decision to secede from the Union.

Irving Berlin's first major hit song, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" was published by Ted Snyder & Co. of New York.

March 19. 1918
Congress approved Daylight-Saving Time.

"May the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: may the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Num.6:25-26 (KJV)


  1. I have heard about the Jersey Brides collection by a few ladies at my church and it sounds wonderful. I would love a chance to win this. Thank you for the great interview and opportunity.


  2. Enjoyed your interview Laurie. I am adding your books to my wish list. The Jersey Brides sound like great books and I can't wait to read.
    I loved the facts you listed. Some I knew some I didn't. Guess you do retain some of your American History you learned in High School. lol
    Thanks for this opportunity to enter giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  3. I would love to be entered in this giveaway! I read Laurie's book, The Lady in the Mist, and it was my favorite book this year:) Please enter me. Thanks!


  4. I'm reading Lady in the Mist right now, and it's great! I would love to read Jersey Brides. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.