Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse

Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse ~ Photo: Mark Papke

Monday, July 16, 2012

Through Rushing Water

Author: Catherine Richmond


Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Through Rushing Water

Sophia has her life all planned out—but her plan didn’t include being jilted or ending up in Dakota Territory.

Sophia Makinoff is certain 1876 is the year that she’ll become the wife of a certain US Congressman, and happily plans her debut into the Capitol city. But when he proposes to her roommate instead, Sophia is stunned. Hoping to flee her heartache and humiliation, she signs up with the Board of Foreign Missions on a whim.

With dreams of a romantic posting to the Far East, Sophia is dismayed to find she’s being sent to the Ponca Indian Agency in the bleak Dakota Territory. She can’t even run away effectively and begins to wonder how on earth she’ll be able to guide others as a missionary. But teaching the Ponca children provides her with a joy she has never known—and never expected—and ignites in her a passion for the people she’s sent to serve.

It’s a passion shared by the Agency carpenter, Willoughby Dunn, a man whose integrity and selflessness are unmatched. The Poncas are barely surviving. When US policy decrees that they be uprooted from their land and marched hundreds of miles away in the middle of winter, Sophia and Will wade into rushing waters to fight for their friends, their love, and their destiny.

Along with Catherine's giveaway of "Through Rushing Water", I've included my water color print "Basket of Violets". (11"x15"-- suitable for framing). Background is pure white; camera flash tinted it blue. Please add a comment to be in the drawing for both, and feel free to add your name as a follower!

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  1. Great post, Pat. I've been seeing this book in various places and hope to get it some day. And your watercolor is beautiful! What an amazing gift for your readers.

  2. Hi Debbie!

    I've started this book; just picked it up this weekend. I'm a sucker for covers, and as I got into it, I'm really enjoying it. Was surprised the heroine had a Russian/
    cosmopolitan background. But it's a good call, considering she has to travel to such a poor, desolate area and really provides for the character's arc.

    Re: The Print. It was a painting (among others)I did some years ago, and had some prints made up and framed to be on consignment to a furniture store. Have a few left, so I decided to try them out as giveaways.

    Thanks so much for stopping in & blessings, Sister!

  3. I loved her first book! Who doesn't love a drawing? ! Baskets and flowers! Everything I like in one drawing!

  4. Sounds like a great book and I love the print!
    O Norman

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! Will add you all to the drawing! Enjoy your week.

  6. Pat, Thank you so much for letting me visit your blog! I'm so glad you enjoyed Sophia! I knew she was the right heroine for the story because I could use my experience as a missionary on church trips to Jamaica.
    And what a beautiful basket of violets!
    Blessings to all on your mission!

  7. I am so happy to find this blog. I love American historical fiction. And to see that you are having a giveaway on my first visit! I would love to read this book and the painting is just beautiful.

  8. Welcome Kat!

    You got in just in time....I'm changing my post soon to hi-lite Larua Frantz, Rita Gerlach & Joan Hochstetler's books soon. (please don't forget to leave your e-mail, or I won't be able to contact you) I hope you are a member of ACFW, that way I can put out an all-points bulletin for you--LOL!