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Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Distant Shores ~ Sarah Sundin

Title: On Distant Shores
Publisher: Revell
Author: Sarah Sundin
Lt. Georgiana Taylor has everything she could want. A boyfriend back home, a loving family, and a challenging job as a flight nurse. But in July 1943, Georgie’s cozy life gets more complicated when she meets pharmacist Sgt. John Hutchinson. Hutch resents the lack of respect he gets as a non-commissioned serviceman and hates how the war keeps him from his fianc√©. While Georgie and Hutch share a love of the starry night skies over Sicily, their lives back home are falling apart. Can they weather the hurt and betrayal? Or will the pressures of war destroy the fragile connection they’ve made?

Author: Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin is the author of five historical novels, including On Distant Shores (Revell, August 2013). Sarah lives in northern California with her husband and three children. When she isn’t ferrying kids to tennis and karate, she works on-call as a hospital pharmacist and teaches Sunday school. You can find her at

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                         Book One in Wings of the Nightingale Series    

Along with a copy of Sarah's latest release On Distant Shores (August 2013), Hope Inspired Stories is offering as a giveaway this week, a hand-made book mark made of blue iridescent thread (representing a starry sky) with a "north star" charm and navy blue ribbon attached. Included is a blue crystal earring and bracelet set. The navy and light blue colors represent the nurse's uniform Georgie wore in the story. Please leave a comment with your e-mail address to be included in the drawing. (Only those living in U.S. and Canada are eligible).  

Sky Blue bracelet & earring set

North Star book mark

For other interesting facts about WWII nurses go to this site:


  1. I love the WW II time period, and ON DISTANT SHORES looks like a really good boo. I'd love to read it. Janice H.

  2. Own The Wings of Glory series. Sometimes it is difficult to read about war. I do it though to honor the veterans (like my Dad).


  3. I would love to win. I really enjoy Sarah's books.

  4. Sarah this sounds so good. I would love to read it. You are so kind to have a nice giveaway, Jewelry and cross are beautiful.

  5. I always thought it would be interesting to be a nurse in WWII! Can't wait to read this!


  6. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Love to read this novel. My favorite era. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Oh they are so pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I've read all but one of Sarah's other books so am looking forward to reading On Distant Shores. Thanks for this fun giveaway to celebrate the release.


  9. Omg I love your books! can't wait for the next!!!
    Thank you for you amazing novels!

  10. Beautiful - would love to win! Love your books!

  11. Would be awesome to win.

  12. Thanks, everyone! Didn't Pat do a lovely job with the bookmark and jewelry - so perfect for the story too!

  13. Would love to win,the jewerly bookmark and the book is awesome. It is displayed beautifully. My dad was a world wae 2 vet , so I really enjoy your books & posts from that time frame Thank you

  14. This book looks so great!! Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!! ladettek[at]gmail[dot]com

  15. Hi Everyone--

    Sarah's one of my favorite authors; have all her books! I practically devour them--then of course am sorry I've finished the story so quickly! :)

    Just a few additional words about this blog...

    My father left us when I was around ten yrs. old and I never saw him again. (I learned he'd moved near his relatives in another state and after divorcing my mom, re-married) Just recently I received a message from their attorney (both he and his wife were deceased) that I had inherited a small pkg. of personal belongings from my Dad. It had EVERYTHING he'd owned from WWII, including his Purple Heart (he was wounded at Guadalcanal), other medals and personal items; even a Japanese flag w/blood he'd somehow acquired. I felt overwhelmed that the most important part of his life (he remained a career marine all his life) he'd sent to me and my son--his grandson-- that he'd never met. My son was awestruck, and I felt honored that my Dad would send us the things that were so important to him.

    At one time I questioned God about my father's purpose on earth, if he couldn't take a role in raising me. But God led me to an answer. My father and I may not have had a relationship--but I learned the Lord put him on earth for a very important purpose: to be on Guadalcanal in WWII fighting for our country.

    We learned recently that there is a Purple Heart museum in Newburgh (sp.), N.Y. where G. Washington had given out the first medal to those who'd fought in the Am. Rev. They are trying to collect the names of all the soldiers who'd ever received a P.H., and I submitted my dad's name. If you have a relative who has received one--you might want to check it out!

    Thanks for being my guest, Sarah and God's blessings everyone!

    1. Oh my goodness, Pat! What a touching story. I'm so glad your father sent you his things.

  16. Thank you so much for doing this give away! I love the WWII time period and really enjoy reading books that take place in that time. I've read the Wings Of Glory Series and loved it! I'm really hoping to start the new series soon! I would love to be in entered in the drawing! The jewelry is beautiful as well as the bookmark! Thanks again for doing this!


    My e-mail is....

  17. I just love the cover of this book and I have really been wanting to read it. Thank you for the chance!

    Wanda Barefoot

  18. I love to read stories about the wars. I find it very interesting how things were then compared to now. Thank you for the chance to win!!

    My email is

  19. Haven't read any of your books, Sarah, & would love to read this one - love war stories!

    Thanks for the beautiful giveaway opportunity!


  20. Have loved all of Sarah's books. Am enjoying On Distant Shores presently. Have been looking up how to pronounce the Italian words on translate site and looking into places mentioned. Hope to go see them myself on my next trip to Italy. Another great read. email

  21. Being a nurse, I enjoy reading books about nurses. Thank you for sharing. The giveaway
    looks great and here's hoping to be a winner.

  22. Being a military brat and wife I love the stories about all the people in the books and would love to have the bookmark and jewelry, the colors are the same as my dads and husbands service stay. Stella

  23. What a beautiful set and bookmark!

    I am looking forward to reading On Distant Shores when I can find a copy.

    Jasmine A.

  24. I've been waiting for Sarah's latest book, thanks for a chance to win it and some lovely sky colored beauties!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  25. I would love to win! WWII stories are special to me because my Dad and uncles all serve in the war then.

  26. Enjoyed BLUE SKIES TOMORROW and I am now looking forward to ON DISTANT SHORES. WWII stories are of special interest as so many older relatives were a part of them.
    Hope you keep writing these wonderful novels, Sarah, as you are developing a wealth of knowledge and story ideas.
    AJHawkeauthor at aol dot com